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Mobile Treatment Satellite (SMS®)

Fabriqué en France - PH² International
Compact, ergonomic, versatile and modular treatment stand, the Mobile Treatment Satellite (SMS®) has been designed to foster the good healthcare practices, regardless the organization of treatments (individual, successive or serial treatments).


Designed to fight against nosocomial infections, the Mobile Treatment Satellite (SMS®) helps to reduce the risks of cross-transmission and accidental exposure to blood..

Complementary to a trolley, this stand is fully equipped. It helps to create the conditions of individual treatment without the necessity to return to the treatment room between each patient’s room, in the respect hygiene and safety rules:

 Satellite Mobile de Soins version Infirmier équipé de : 

• An ABS PMMA antibacterial fold-up shelf (40x65cm) for the treatment preparation, that folds down vertically

• 1 holder for hand disinfectant

• 1 Removable and adjustable gloves box holder

• 1 support amovible et réglable pour collecteur à objets piquants, coupants et tranchants

• 2 waste bag holders (30L)

• 1 Storage space equipped with hooks to hold bottles or IV bags

• 1 Removable storage basket for antiseptics

• Universal variable height hanging system

Additional information


• Welded stainless steel structure
• Wheels Ø75mm
• ABS PMMA antibacterial shelf for medical preparations