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Infection Prevention & Control

Infection Prevention & Control - PH² International

Prevent and manage infection risks in healthcare environment thanks to our isolation management equipment.

Designed with hospital hygiene expert's team, isolation mangement equipment of PH² International enable the execution of all isolation precautions in the care facilities (established by the French Society for Hospital Hygiene - SF2H).


Equipped with necessary details with the aim of meeting the requirements of hygiene and hospital infection control, our tools ensure safety to people (patients, caregivers and visitors) by avoiding the risk of cross-transmission.

Our Solutions

Unité Mobile de Précaution (UMP®)

Compact and modular, the Mobile Isolation Trolley (UMP®) has been designed to enable with the maximum safety the quick implementation of aseptic and protective isolation procedures inside or outside a patient's room.

Influenza Prevention Unit (UPG®) - PH² International

A modular and compact prevention tool that can be placed in different reception areas of a care facility during flu episode, the Influenza Prevention Trolley (UPG®) has been designed to limit the risk of flu transmission and other infections.

About isolation procedures

In accordance with the requirements of hygiene and hospital infection control, aseptic and protective isolation procedures can be applied in care facilities to avoid infections transmission, to non-infected people (patients, caregivers, visitors) and who do not carry infections but are receptive.

In addition to these standard procedures (to be applied no matter the infectious status of a patient), certain infections or suspected infections require implementation of complementary isolation procedures depending on the modes of transmission.

These isolation procedures are mandatory because they contribue to the quality of treatment and people's (patients, caregivers, visitors) safety in care facilities.