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Healthcare Waste Sorting

Evolu-Tri®: a range of
material to ensure better management of the economic impact of hazardous healthcare waste

With the purpose of implementing selective sorting for healthcare activity waste,  the range of equipment Evolu-Tri® of PH² International  optimizes sorting at every stage of each activity or service in a heath care setting.

Created to ensure better management of the economic impact of hazardous healthcare waste, our waste bag/boxes and containers holders Evolu-Tri®, enable the sorting out of the waste in the full respect of hygiene rules.

About healthcare waste

Healthcare waste is  waste issued by diagnosis activities, aftercare and preventive treatment, curative and palliative, in the human and veterinary medical field.Some can pose a risk (infectious, chemical and toxic, radioactive and mechanical) that needs to be reduces in order to protect:

Healthcare activities generate a growing quantity of waste which impose some particular constraints linked to their infectious nature. Management of this type of waste is logged into the continuous improvement policy of the quality and the safety of treatments.It also contributes to the prevention of negative events of activities of care facilities, including hospital acquired infections or accidental exposures to blood.

Why to sort out?

To ensure the safety of people

To respect hygiene rules

To eliminate every type of waste appropriately,in compliance with the regulation

To control economic impact of the elimination of hazardous healthcare waste

Which type of waste sorting?

We distinguish healthcare waste which corresponds to the domestic-type waste and hazardous healthcare waste. These are composed of different categories that are: 

• Healthcare waste with infectious risks (Biohazard Infectious Waste)

• Healthcare waste with chemical and toxic risks (Contaminated Sharps Waste)

• Healthcare waste with radioactive risks

• And we distinguish anatomical parts anatomical parts

Demande d'analyse gratuite
Gestion du tri des déchets d'activités de soins

Spécialiste de la prévention et de l’hygiène hospitalière, PH² International vous offre une analyse gratuite de la gestion de vos déchets d’activités de soins. Depuis plus de 25 ans, nos experts accompagnent les établissements de santé dans la mise en place de procédures de tri sélectif des déchets d’activités de soins au sein des unités de fonctionnement. Nos préconisations ont pour objectifs de réduire les coûts de traitement des déchets avec des solutions simples et économiques, à l’efficacité prouvée!